This night is vast spread,

This night is vast spread,
I dont know the end,
the sky’s limit,
I want to reach at top,
it tinkles my soul to no end,
when I unfortunately abate oppurtunities
that I’ve lost,
that no more passes a day,
that I could’ve done more,
to reach where I belong,
it was just this close to reach,
here I am with guilt and sorrow,
that there shall be no morrow!



Upturned leave lace the ground
As faces pass by with concern
It doesn’t phase her much
As her eyes are to the sky
Never look back
Look back
Is a good piece of advice
An that’s the last thing that she said
As she passed us by.

“A Love Song For You”

“A Love Song For You”

As I make up my mind,

To write you a song,

Time stands still suddenly,

Making me feel so strong.

Echoing your whispers,

A breeze blows in;

In a moment I am,

In the skies, soaring.

Amidst the skies, I see us, playing;

I watch in your eyes, The love so gleaming.

As I make up my mind, To write you a song,

I strive to be honest;

Not showing off the wrong.

With all my heart darling,

I’d make our love dance;

Walking to the horizon,

Only love we’d glance.

Standing by your side,

‘Till the last beat of my life,

Kissing you everyday,

And to make you my wife.

As I make up my mind, To write you a song,

Thankful to God I am, For this love lasting long.

Knowing we are blessed,

Entering His holy trance, O my beloved;

My Good Samaritan.

I see in your eyes blazing,

The love-in-return so rare,

How lovely we do look,

Standing in a pair!

As I make up my mind O dear,

To write you a song;

T’s a love poem to you,

This is where I belong. <3

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Welcome To My World ©

Welcome To My World ©

Have you ever tried to cry
But there’s no tears left to shed
Have you ever seen the face of misery
Or looked into the eyes of dread
Have you ever gripped the pain
Cause it’s all that’s left to hold
Have you ever tried so hard to love
But found, your heart was just too cold
Have you ever just had to accept,
Your agony has no end
Have you ever been so desperate,
You’ve claimed the sorrow your best friend
Have you ever held hands with depression
Wept on the shoulder of fear
Have you ever reached out to emptiness
But there’s nothing to pull near.
Have you sobbed yourself to sleep
Anguish at the foot of your bed
Have you ever been shaken from your dream
To be thrown in a nightmare instead
Have you felt the cringe inside
Embraced by betrayal and hate
Have you ever then just had to dwell
In a world that terror creates
Have you ever been left empty
No Courage to unfold
If you’ve ever known the hurt
Then welcome to my world

Written by Shannen Wrass
Copyright © 1995 Shannen Wrass. All Rights Reserved

I needed to get back to where I came from

I needed to get back to where I came from. But, home made me leave. I was stuck… watching stars so many stars. Now there gone. Ill never be able to look out that window and pray to god. Its as if it never happened or that it was a past life. Now you search for the same sample of happiness alone and past gone behind you. Now i have to redefine everything , learn to love all over again. and just love it from the mountains.